Noma Ntshingila
2 min readDec 21, 2020

By all means, engage the self-full side for self-preservation
Reside within the company of your awareness shining
With all the due dilligence of sun signs arising
Abide by the laws of attraction.
Fall into the floor of your ego subtracted
Self harm and depreciation- redacted
Reflected fragments of love,
Together, we are the fractal theory in practice.

You are I and we is You,
Underneath the magnificent grace of the sun these
Superficial blossoms tip toe around
Ticking time bombs.

We still opt to sip slow the nectar of love’s sweet lesson,
Begging for repentance,
Only belligerence in this war bestows deliverance,
So what exactly is it that the soul seems so hasty for?

What are we but a glimmer of light and a moment in action
A collective verb in the hypothetical web of the world-
This sphere,
Peering into our truth so large and unbecoming,
Constantly unravelling by fear.

There’s absolutely nothing left here
Once flesh and bone become undone,
Knots breathe easily while faintly,
Trauma screams “Forget me not sir, please!”

There’s peace in the soft pace,
Patience kissed by grace
Walk by your light my dear,
Ours is the way paved by faith.

Water takes the path of least resistance,
So please promise you’ll remain
Love entirely,
Now and forever always.



Noma Ntshingila

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